Lexmark Printer Technical Support

Lexmark International Incorporated is a Chinese company that is based in the United States of America, Its speciality is in manufacturing laser printer and products that help in imaging. The company has established its headquarters in Lexington, Kentuky. The company was launched in the year 1991 on March 27th by IBM. IBM had divested many of its hardware manufacturing companies and plants which included printers and their supply operations unit as well. These were divested to an investment firm Clayton, Dubilier and Rice, Inc. by way of a leveraged buyout. However in the month of November 2016, Lexmark was acquired by Apex Technologies and PAG Asia Capital. However its printer and supply operations unit has retained the name Lexmark and operates under it. Lexmark is also known for its excellent customer support .

The Lexmark Printer technical support is Offered by Way of

  •  Lexmark Assisted service
  •  LexmarkConnex

In the Lexmark Assisted service method, the user will be attended to by a representative of the Lexmark Printer technical support via phone. The service representative will then remotely connect with the user’s computer over the internet and then troubleshoot problems that the user has been facing. However the LexmarkConnex is a utility software or a tool that would send diagnostic reports of the user’s printer directly to the Lexmark Printer tech support. Utilizing this tool, Lexmark can directly analyze whether there is anything wrong the user’s printer or not.

Next, if you wish to connect your laptop or computer to your Lexmark printer, the process is extremely simple.

  •  Along with Lexmark printer, you would have received an installation CD. This installation CD contains the driver or the program to connect your computer or laptop to your printer.
  •  Insert the installation CD into the computer or laptop.
  •  The autoplay will run the installation program. Select the option “run setup.exe”
  •  However if Autoplay is not enabled on your computer or laptop, there is another method. Click on my computer to open it. Next search for the Cd drive. It will bear the symbol of Lexmark as the Lexmark installation CD is inside the computer. Click on it to open the program and run it. 
  • Next, you will get two options to install the program. The first option is to simply install the program as it is. The program would install itself in the drive it is supposed to. However if you select the second option which is “extract and install”, then you have the option to select the location where the driver would be installed. Clicking on ‘next’ will take you to the next stage.
  •  Click on Install next.
  •  The next stage will have a license agreement for you. After agreeing to the terms of the license agreement by clicking on the “I Agree” option located at the bottom of the window, click continue at the next stage too which is that of Security notification.
  • Next you would have to choose the software that would be installed from the CD and select the option ‘continue’ to proceed further.
  •  Next you will get two choices again. The first choice would be to take guidance in setting up the printer if you do not know how to. The second choice is to set it up without help if you do know how to set it up correctly.

How to Reset Lexmark Printer?

Have you any problems or issues while using your Lexmark printer? Then don’t worry abut that. There are only way to fix the problem is to reset your Lexmark printer. Reset is a procedure which will reboot and refresh your printer.

Do you want to reset your Lexmark printer and don’t have any idea about that? Then why are you confused. Read this article very carefully and go through the below instructions of printer resetting:

Step 1 :- First of all, you need to find the Cancel button on your Lexmark printer.

Step 2 :- Now press and hold the Cancel button for a few seconds and then release it.

Step 3 :- When you release this button, then all the lights will blink and after that, wait for a few seconds while they stop working.

Step 4 :- Now your printer will restart, when these lights stop blinking and then your Lexmark printer has been reset successfully.

If you are not capable to reset your Lexmark printer with the help of above given instructions, then don’t be tensed and get lexmark printer tech support from the seasoned technicians. These technicians can fix all your technical bugs within a short span of time. You can get this support at 24/7 hours.

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